Status Quo Marketing is the Enemy.

1. We aren’t a general-purpose marketing and PR agency. Instead, for nearly 25 years our consultants have worked extensively for and with b2b information technology-related companies on developing and executing sophisticated go-to-market strategies.

2. We’re a virtual organization comprised of a group of senior-level IT marketing and PR top-gun experts with complementary skills and experiences that come together as-needed to get the job done. We deliver better results for less money and have no junior personnel.

3. We assume your customers expect quality and technological innovation. So getting the sale strongly depends upon communicating compelling differentiation that answers, "Why should people buy from you?"

4. We believe marketing, public relations and web presence optimization should increase revenues and market share, shorten selling cycles, improve customer loyalty and build credibility.

5. We challenge assumptions and also take the time to do things right.

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