Direct hits to interest-based audiences

Search engine optimization, social engagement, public relations, and content marketing are vital digital marketing programs. They each offer unique advantages for inbound website traffic tactics. However . . .they lack some level of control.

Paying for ads gives you control of exactly what people see, where they see it, how often they see it, and onto which website page they’re directed. Probably the most common paid venue is search engine marketing (SEM) through Google, Yahoo and bing. These campaigns are also called paid search or pay per click (PPC) advertising.

Paid ad campaigns are a significant part of social media and online display advertising. The ability to target specific interest-based groups and boost key content gives you the ability to target and find the right people, wherever they may be.

We maximize your paid ad program by defining the right keywords, setting up efficient bids, and by identifying day parting, geo-targeting and focused ad group opportunities.

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