Optimization is more than tools. It’s also a fine art.

More than 90% of sales start with an online search. To capture this business it’s crucial to have high-ranking search results — for keyword phrases that actually drive desirable leads. Therein lies the art.

Key to earning and maintaining a top search position is by offering ever-fresh content optimized for how search engines index and evaluate content. This requires both content (the art) and search optimization (the science) expertise.

Of note: KCA’s policy for achieving search rank is to use only ethical “white hat” SEO techniques, which are based on publishing relevant, well-crafted, and context-sensitive content. This is highly rewarded by search engines.

What sorts of SEO tactics can you expect us to use for you? Lots.

A relentless mindset for improving your search position — month-in and month-out.

Our ranking programs use all the latest techniques and SEO best practices from keyword research, meta tags and on-page optimization to social link building and content development and placement. We make it our business to keep all your online content relevant and authoritative.

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