Frequently Asked Questions About Building A Website

What is a WordPress website?

WordPress is the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS) and over a quarter of all websites in the world are built using WordPress. Through the use of plugins, it is extremely flexible which allows designers and developers to create and modify layouts and applications without creating custom, one-time-use projects. This reduces development costs and deployment time of a website project. Plus, the interface is easy to use for non-technical people to learn and use going forward.

What if I want a website built in something other than WordPress?

Most b2c and b2b small businesses don't need something other than WordPress. We’ve been building websites since 1995 — long before nearly all website development companies have been around — and we’ve worked with a lot of platforms. Honestly, if a web design company is pushing an unknown or new CMS, it’s likely because it’s in their best interest, not yours. They can use such a platform to lock you into a relationship instead of giving you the flexibility to hire another company in the future.

That said, for some of the more complicated sites we’ve built, we have not used WordPress. But these websites were not for smaller businesses.

What’s the average cost of a small business website?

Website costs vary dramatically. Some website design companies charge a small development cost upfront then monthly fees forever. While this is an easy investment initially, it means you pay a lot more for the site in the end. Some of these firms don’t even allow you to own your domain name to make sure you’re locked in. With us, you always own your domain name.

Our Essential Website package, priced at $3,500, can be paid upfront or financed over 12 months, without holding you hostage forever. Our semi-custom website design and development costs are, on average, in the $7,500 - $10,000 range while the more sophisticated, complex custom work we've done has been as much as $100,000.

How is your website pricing structured?

We generally work on a time-and-materials basis so you’re only charged for the amount of time it takes to complete your website. An exception to this is our Essential Website package, which is a fixed price for a defined scope. Our semi-custom and custom website projects are estimated in 3 separate parts: Design & Development, Content Writing, and Search Engine Optimization.

How do you determine what functionality I need in my website?

As part of developing your Website Strategy, we identify what's needed in terms of content and technical and functional requirements. We take an outside-in approach to creating your strategy by first looking at the information needs of your buyers and other audiences as well as your expectations. Then we define a website functionality and technology to address those needs, all documented in your Website Strategy.

How long does it take to build a small business website?

From start to finish, our Essential Websites take 4-8 weeks. Our semi-custom projects generally take about 3-4 months. This starts with the Website Strategy and ends with search engine optimization and go-live. Our custom websites with more complex technical and functional requirements can take six to eight months.

Who supplies the images for the website?

Whenever possible, we like you to provide images/graphics that are consistent with your brand, messaging and collateral. However, our design team is skilled in finding images that reflect your brand if you don’t have anything. We also have professional photographers who can do custom photo shoots as well.

What’s the difference between a website designer and a website developer?

A website designer creates the overall look & feel — how your audiences will see and use the site. A website developer codes the functionality to make it work.

How do you handle hosting, security and maintenance of a website?
All our websites are hosted on reputable hosting services like Go Daddy or Network Solutions. Typical hosting fees are $5 - $20/month. In addition, we recommend you secure your website with an SSL certificate for about $70/year. For technical maintenance, we offer a $125/mo plan which keeps your site backed-up, plugins and themes updated, and security breach and downtime monitored.
Will my website be optimized or include SEO services?

A Search Engine Optimization quote is always included with each website project. In fact, our Essential Website package includes search optimization. While SEO is optional on our semi-custom and custom sites, we highly recommend initial SEO be done to insure your website is properly indexed into Google correctly upon launch. After launch, we always recommend ongoing search engine optimization programs since things change and your site needs to monitored and updated to continue to attract people who are searching for your product or service.

How involved do I need to be in the website development process?

We see website development projects as a key initiative for your business. Therefore, we love to have very involved and engaged clients, but it’s not necessary because we take the time upfront to develop a Website Strategy with you. That means we can simply let you know when we need feedback on the content and graphics we generate and get the project done for you with minimal time on your part. Regardless, we manage the project and keep it on budget. Of course we provide regular status updates, timelines, and deadlines as the project progresses.

Can you build an e-commerce website?


Will my website be mobile and tablet friendly?

Yes. All our websites utilize responsive design, which means they adjust and render correctly on any browser, tablet or mobile device.

Will I own my website when it’s complete?

Yes. Once a project is paid for in full, it’s completely owned by you.

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