Strategic digital marketing connects your online and offline efforts for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Many b2b agencies’ approach to multiplatform digital marketing is narrow-minded: clicks, impressions, open rates. Statistics that can be hard to find value or meaning in.

Overlooked is how the combination of non-digital and digital marketing disciplines work together to impact your web presence. By considering your customer’s buying journey and identifying key competitors’ marketing strategies, a strategic digital marketing plan moves your digital discussion from clicks and costs to owning digital equity in the market. This stops your marketing programs from operating in silos and gooses their productivity with consistent messages, focus, and call-to-actions that produce maximum results across all your marketing.

Valuable search-driven traffic isn’t the result of an exhaustive keyword list. It’s due to a more informed key asset: relevant key phrases.

Many small-to-midsized businesses simply don’t have the staff, tools, and/or inclination to dig-through search query data in order to identify the most valuable keywords for their digital strategy.

We use special tools to find out which keywords and search phrases your competitors think are important. We ask you which phrases you think are important. Then we use more tools to figure which of all these are the most valuable to your business. We aren’t looking for quick hits in search ranking with no valuable traffic to make us look good. We do the work to gain rank for search queries that will bring the right people to your website.

You deserve digital marketing services that make sense and don’t break the bank. All carefully monitored, measured and managed.

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