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WPO at the core

Long gone are the days of brochureware websites. Today, b2b websites are hard-at-work sales engineers, helping to pre-qualify prospects and move good leads into the pipeline. They’re at the center of your web presence optimization (WPO) strategy, designed to attract targeted buyers and help guide them through the process from interest-to-lead-to-sale.

Effective, up-to-date, and responsive websites aren’t an option, they’re a necessity. They are the destination for your b2b web marketing efforts and usually the first contact your customers have with your company, and it’s not about just looking pretty. They must be full of engaging and high-value search content. Generic navigation, typical “trust us” messaging and limited consideration on how to support other marketing can really miss the mark. And yep, even search engine algorithms take into account these aspects of a website too.

Why choose KCA?

First and foremost, when KCA designs your site, we start with detailed discussions about what your audiences want to know when they land on your site, not what you want to say. This outside-in approach is the opposite of what most firms do. This makes a huge difference in visitor engagement and visitor quality, impacting the stickiness of your website.

The end result is a website that instantly communicates to visitors what they’re looking for: credibility, why you’re different, and what makes your stuff better than the next guy’s. And one that can grow and change as needed, and that supports your web marketing strategy—including search engine marketing (SEM), social media and authoritative content creation like blogs and videos.

Our website services go beyond most website design firms:

  • Content Architecture Strategy
  • User Experience and Responsive Design
  • Content Development (landing page copy, videos, download assets)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Technology Selection, Social Integration and Deployment
  • Outsourced Webmaster
  • Website Maintenance Plans
  • Website Analysis Reporting
  • SEO Metrics & Reporting

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