Your Website Strategy Development

Our website strategy process begins with a working session with your key stakeholders to better understand business objectives, audiences and key competitors.

Unlike other firms, we don’t start by asking what you want on your website, we start by identifying who your audiences are and discuss what they want to read, see and experience. This helps to define navigation and other content, including capturing how you answer the question, "Why us?". It’s this last piece that drives visitors from interest-to-lead-to-sale.

Specifically, our meeting agenda explores:

I. Audiences – primary, secondary, tertiary

  • Prospects are normally the top priority. Who are they? (We help define as specifically as possible: industry, company size, title, etc.). Existing customers are often a primary audience as well.
  • Secondary and tertiary audiences, depending on your company structure, needs, tactics, etc. often include media, investors, industry analysts, job seekers, channel partners, and so on.

III. Business Requirements

  • Is there a specific technology you’d like to use (or avoid)? What features do you need (e.g. full or partial CMS, shopping cart, etc.)
  • Does the site need to integrate with any back-end systems? Intranet? Customer portal?
  • Are there any implementation issues such as redirecting an existing site, hosting (internal/external?)

II. Information Needs – this flows from Audiences

  • What types of information does each audience need? Where are the overlaps? Which information is most important to have front-and-center, what can go on secondary navigation?

IV. Design

  • What are the user experience objectives? Is there key content for focus?
  • What colors, tone and “personality” do you want to have come through?

V. Keywords

  • An initial short list of keywords for SEO. This is input for further SEO keyword research before we start writing content. It doesn’t have to be long, just enough to get us started on the right path.

Your Website Strategy Deliverable

Our goal is to develop a Website Architecture Map that details your information architecture, navigation, customer engagement points and other critical factors that support your business, marketing and sales objectives. We also document all technology and UI design requirements.

For larger sites or for more limited budgets that require a phased rollout, we also document the recommended phases based upon priority, complexity, content-related issues and budget.

Your detailed Website Architecture Map and Functional Requirements document is the basis for any website design and development company to estimate your website project, including us. Our comprehensive website project estimates include user interface (UI) design, content development, programming, testing, on-page SEO and deployment.