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Search Performance Accountability

A   top search position, or rank, for the right keywords or phrases is critical for any business’ website. What are the right keywords of phrases? Those that people actually use to search for your type of product or service.

Earning top positions for the right keywords that deliver quality leads is hard. It takes relentless monitoring, fresh content, and search engine optimization (SEO) over time. It takes technical, marketing, and communications expertise.

Effective search engine optimization doesn’t manipulate search results through “black hat” tricks like keyword stuffing and cloaking. The fact is, search engine algorithms are continually updated to find and block those tricks — and rightly so. They’re nasty. So if they’re being used, beware. Your website is more likely to be banned than be highly ranked.

Why choose KCA?

We know what we’re doing. We’re relentless, we’re accountable, and we only use ‘white hat’ techniques. We’ve been making websites productive since the mid-1990s — far longer than most website optimization companies have been around.

We’re masters at the art of creating keyword lists that deliver quality website traffic:

  1. We put ourselves in the minds of the people who are searching for your product or service. Where would they start? How would their searches evolve? What types of the content are they looking for? What we will NOT do is build a list of keywords that sound good to you and are easy for us to show progress on so we look good. We do the hard work over time needed so you will rank for even the most competitive keywords — ones that deliver the kind of traffic your business needs.
  2. We validate our keyword lists — checking search volume and your toughest competitors’ keyword optimization strategies.

We’re also masters of earning and maintaining your keyword position in the modern search world of authority and relevance. We understand that search engines can determine when content is relevant by its context. They like that. So they reward it, just like they reward “authority” (where your content appears outside your website).

Learn more detail about how we earn and maintain your search position. 


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