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PR with Netiquette

T here’s a huge online world that, if ignored, can hurt you: Social media. Either you take it on and control your brand position, or you risk that others will do it for you. And those “others” might very well be your competitors. And in public relations, online also affects offline.

Traditional print and broadcast reporters use social media to do research on stories by listening to the social banter and directly connecting with your customers. Clearly, it’s best not to leave the social media conversation to its own devices.

Why choose KCA?

KCA takes social PR seriously and includes a social media plan as a key element in every client’s PR program.

It’s an opportunity to be more involved in communities that influence and serve your customers as well as media. Engagement is the buzzword. And it’s engagement that builds stronger relationships, which results in increased brand awareness, brand preference, market share and, yes, media coverage. All this adds up to a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our approach to social media is methodical and thorough. We do this through:

  • Brand monitoring
  • Blog strategy and content plan development
  • Engagement and reputation monitoring

We’re also always mindful of how any type of online presence plays into your website optimization strategy, so we’re careful to take care of:

  • News release content search optimization—relevant keywords and phrases in the headline, deck and body copy
  • Social media news release distribution—incorporating video, images, and social networking links
  • News release social-bookmarking links promotion—including easy-to-use social sharing links, as well as tagging them on social bookmarking sites
  • Guest blog posts

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