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Build Credibility

Leverage Your Reputation

T he goal of public relations is to build awareness and to create brand preference by persuading people to adopt and maintain a certain view about your company and its products and services. It’s also a very useful component in website optimization. But it’s not lead generation.

PR builds relationships with both traditional and social journalists, analysts and other decision-influencers. This approach is the best guarantor of gaining the consistent, positive publicity that benefits your company most.

Why choose KCA?

We create and execute PR programs to complement and enhance your business objectives—from broadly circulated feature articles and product reviews and online buzz.

Our PR activities leverage our Messaging Whiteboards, which zero-in fast on your unique competitive position, driving your key message platform. These workshops also identify the core elements of your PR program and are the basis for a solid approach that reflects your goals.

We keenly understand the role PR plays in an overall marketing strategy. And we also know it serves a more tactical role in sales enablement. If your product and services are recognized by potential customers, then your sales team isn’t slowed down by questions like “Who are you, again?”

Our PR capabilities reflect our traditional and web-savvy PR expertise:

  • Competitive Positioning and Messaging Development
  • Media Relations and Publicity
  • Social PR
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Strategy and Creation
  • Product Launches

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