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For $850/mo*

E arning top positions for the right keywords that deliver quality leads takes relentless monitoring, fresh content creation, and search engine optimization (SEO) over time. Quite honestly, the hardest part of maintaining a good position is feeding the content beast with fresh meat.

By properly uncovering content opportunities among online communities, directories, blogs, partners, industry organizations, and others, coming up with content ideas is manageable. But then there’s the problem of ‘Who’s doing the content creation?’ ‘Who’s going to get it placed?’ ‘Who’s going to stay on top of getting it shared in the right social media?’ Invariably, the ball gets dropped.

Why Sign-up for a KCA Custom SEO Package?

When you sign up for one of our SEO Packages, we take on the responsibility of creating, distributing, and sharing the kinds of content that will both improve your search position and interest your prospects and/or customers.

We offer custom SEO Programs that will give you a systematic, reasonably priced way to make sure you’re on top of the optimized content game — without taking a ton of your time, money, or mental energy. Our general and localized Plans are based on the amount and type of content that makes the most sense for meeting your SEO objectives and staying within your budget.

For as little as $850/mo*, you’ll be confident that you’re staying on top of your search ranking. We’ll create a custom SEO Package that can include all types of valuable content like:

  • Website pages
  • Guest blog posts
  • Social media content (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram)
  • Informational content
  • Press releases
  • Infographics
  • Videos & PPT shows
  • Q&A postings
  • Forum participation
  • Blog syndication
  • Social reputation monitoring

Learn more about our other monthly services that will boost your web marketing productivity:

We also offer Lead Conversion Analysis and Recommendations.

*12-month contract. Inquire about 6-month pricing.

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