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Optimization is more than tools

It’s also a fine art

More than 90% of sales cycles now start with an online search. This means that to capture business, it’s absolutely crucial to be highly visible in search results. The key is search engine optimization (SEO) because it’s often among the best sources for website visitors who convert into qualified leads.

SEO is both the art and science of making your website prominent in organic search. It’s not about manipulating search results through “black hat” tricks like keyword stuffing and cloaking. The fact is, search engine algorithms are continually updated to find and block those tricks—and rightly so. They’re nasty. So if they’re being used, your website is more likely to be banned than be highly ranked.

Why choose KCA?

At KCA, we understand the basics of ethical “white hat” SEO. That’ the only way we do it—by demonstrating relevance and by developing a well-crafted and produced content that speaks directly to customers’ needs and concerns, using language and terminology from their world.

Search engines can determine that the content is relevant by its context. They like that. So they reward it, just like they reward “authority” (where your content appears outside your website). We build high-value links from reputable and influential sources into your website content strategy.

Search engines aren’t static, nor is your website’s SEO effectiveness. SEO needs to be a monitored, systematic process of improvement. Our ranking programs use all the latest techniques and SEO best practices, from keyword research, meta tags and on-page optimization to social link building and content development and placement. And we make it our business to keep your website relevant and authoritative.

Earn and Maintain a Top Search Position

The Web is simply a network of content. Search engines index that content and evaluate it for relevance and authority based on a search request. Everyday, the amount and types content available grow tremendously. So, what was relevant and important yesterday may not be today.

It’s safe to say that the only way to earn and maintain a top position in search is by making sure you have fresh content that’s optimized for how search engines index and evaluate content. This requires both content and search optimization expertise.

We know how to write SEO copy that not only delivers search position; it compels your customers and prospects to act. This also gives you the best ROI on your content expenditures. We’re also specialists in optimizing the technical aspects of your website. It includes file names, URLs, entity titles, ALT and meta tags, rich snippets, headings and more.

We even do offsite SEO. It’s important to attract high-value inbound links from reputable and influential sources to your website. Examples are online communications, directories, blogs, partners, industry organizations, and others.

Most critical — we don’t stop. We relentlessly monitor and work on improving your search position month-in-and-month-out with:

  • Website traffic analysis and content updates
  • Competitor keyword tracking and comparisons
  • Guest blog writing, posting, and social sharing
  • Informational content writing, posting, and social sharing
  • Press release writing, posting, and social sharing
  • Infographic creation, distribution, and social sharing
  • Video & PPT creation, submission, and social sharing
  • Social profile creation
  • Q&A postings
  • Article submissions
  • Forum participation
  • Blog syndication
  • Directory submissions
  • Citation-building
  • Link solicitation

Count on our expertise to improve the volume and quality of your website traffic. Whether you’re located in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth, Rochester, St. Cloud or elsewhere outstate, we’ll give you high-quality SEO services that actually help your bottom line.

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