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I t’s no secret that customers tend to watch videos over reading—though both are extremely important. White papers are necessarily thoughtful and don’t lend themselves to video. Same with certain kinds of collateral. And websites need enough copy to keep the search engines happy—too little and it won’t rank.

But search engines and customers appreciate video marketing. The former because it keeps website visitor engagement and visitor quality high, and that’s good for ranking. Forrester Research says that a website is 50x more likely to be ranked on page one of Google if it has video. Customers like them because they’re more engaging and often a faster way to get the same information. Given a choice, they’re 4x more likely to take-in video content and share it with others.

Why choose KCA?

KCA has a video production team that excels at using motion graphics to amply your brand awareness and develop brand preference. We know how to creatively tell a story or to ‘just give ‘em the facts.’ And we’re keenly aware of how to use them as a powerful way to communicate to various audiences and how to cross-promote them as part of your b2b marketing strategy. Frankly, in this day and age, every company should have an animated logo to show its brand in motion.

Our videos bring your messages to life:
• Explain Abstract Concepts
• Product Demos
• Customer and Employee Testimonials
Logo Animation
• Diagram/Illustration Animation
Trade show loops
• Email Campaigns and E-newsletters
• Customer Success/ROI Stories
Content Writing
• Much More!

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