People are talking. Join the conversation!

It’s hard to throw a rock these days without hitting a self-proclaimed "social media guru” or influencer who wants to help you tweet, post and update your way to success.

Careful social media management within a strategic b2b digital marketing framework ensures people see relevant, consistent and compelling content. The kind of content that engages, drives action, and builds brands.

Take a step back and look at social engagement in terms of the big picture. Make sure you’re using the right platforms and their corresponding etiquette for social media marketing. And make sure that its tracked, measured, and integrated into a larger framework of your overall marketing as well as digital marketing goals.

Social media success can be a shared partnership.

Completely outsource your social media, completely in-source it or choose a blend of both. We’ll do it all or work with your team to engage in the conversations. We can develop incentive participation programs, share content-creation tasks, and coach employees. All things that further leverage the power of social engagement.

Six steps on the path to social media success.

  1. Research your competitors’ social strategies so you can make sure you’re not missing in action.
  2. Uncover where your target audiences are hanging out and listen to what they’re talking about.
  3. Determine the right social platforms for engagement—those that attract and grow a following that produces tangible business results. We consider relevant social networking platforms, blogging, social bookmarking, and content sharing.
  4. Search out and connect you with key influences who can affect your social presence.
  5. Create a social content strategy and calendar.
  6. Engage. Jump in, and join the conversation.

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