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Grease the Skids

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M ost marketing agencies focus solely on inbound lead generation — content marketing, email, and direct mail. What very few can do is outbound telemarketing & lead generation.

In many cases, a robust marketing strategy requires both types of lead generation. What’s key is to map programs to your sales process. Today, for the most part, the selling process begins and/or ends online, so website design and search optimization are critical. But for many, the sale is a complex multi-influencer relationship sale — that may or may not start online.

Why choose KCA?

We’re one of very few marketing agencies that have a holistic view of lead generation. In over 25 years of doing telemarketing & lead generation as well as content marketing and other inbound on- and offline campaigns, we’ve learned that less is more. We develop focused programs that compel people to pay attention. We assure you that they’ll be all-ears if you can help them.

Our goal is to deliver more than just a cold name. It’s to give you qualified people who are ready to talk and sometimes ready to buy.

Our custom lead generation programs are built on an understanding of your target customers and what drives them to take action to solve a problem.

Our lead generation expertise includes:

  • Outbound and inbound campaign strategy, concept and design
  • Online marketing: banner ads, search engine marketing, display networks, social network ads, content syndication
  • Email campaigns
  • Direct mail and print ads
  • Lead nurturing programs
  • Prospect list acquisition, building, cleaning
  • Telemarketing with script development

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