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Marketing Outsourcing

An Option for Some

What exactly are outsourced marketing services? It’s just like it sounds: companies hire out their entire marketing function to a third-party. Some reasons companies outsource their marketing:

  1. Marketing is not a core competency. This can be by default or design.
  2. Inability to attract high-caliber in-house b2b marketing and online marketing talent.
  3. Desire to avoid the overhead or the uncertainty of building an effective team.
  4. Need to quickly ramp-up marketing, but need breathing room to take time to make the right hiring decisions.
  5. Desire to have a 100% flexible on-demand marketing model.
  6. Need a market-driven company turnaround and there’s no internal expertise do it.

Regardless of the reason, executives who understand the critical importance of marketing to their business success may prefer an on-demand team.

Why choose KCA?

KCA’s outsourced marketing services are second-to-none. In fact, we were early pioneers in marketing outsourcing — providing these services since 1988. We’re efficient, expedient and effective.

We take the time to understand your company’s business vision and marketing goals. We have specialized skills and expertise to develop sophisticated winning strategies and to execute nearly any plan. And we have experience working inside companies, so we know how to focus on what counts — moving the business forward.

You can expect expertise in:

  • Marketing Strategy and Plan Development
  • Competitive Positioning and Messaging
  • Online and Offline Marketing
  • Website Design, Development, and Management
  • Content Marketing and Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Telemarketing
  • Events Support
  • Public Relations

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