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Offline still works

Traditions need attention

There’s a lot of fuss from many a Minneapolis marketing agency about digital and online marketing. In fact, it seems it’s really all they want to do. But offline marketing is often an equally powerful approach for generating leads, credibility, and visibility for many.

Trade show booth design and signage, promotional items, print ads & collateral, direct mail, logo design, telemarketing, and so much more need to be cross-pollinated with online marketing programs.

Why choose KCA?

KCA has been around for nearly 30 years—long before online marketing became important. We have, in fact, been on the forefront of integrating offline and online marketing programs and content. We understand their balance and how to best leverage both for getting you bottom line results.

Our team of graphic designers includes specialists in print and booth design and production. Creating a PDF is one thing, understanding how something will look once it’s physically produced is an entirely different matter.

We have strong relationships with printers, direct mail houses, booth manufacturers, die-cutters and more. All of these help to guarantee trouble-free execution of your simple-to-sophisticated marketing programs and materials. And yes, we still do press-checks.

Some of our offline marketing agency expertise includes:

  • Collateral development (print brochures, product sheets, case studies, more)
  • Direct mail campaign development and execution
  • Print advertising (newspaper, magazine, show dailies, more)
  • Event marketing (booths, signage, logistics, room drops, more)
  • Logo design and corporate ID systems
  • Telemarketing campaign development and execution

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