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M  aking strategic marketing or business decisions often requires input from solid market, industry, and product intelligence. Understanding best-practices and developing metrics and KPIs requires extensive data collection and analysis. Original research on important hot topics also can be very effectively used to create high-value marketing and PR content like blog posts, data snippets, by-lined articles, and much more.

To have any credibility, however, the study of something — regardless of its purpose — must be objective and have integrity and independence from its sponsor. Otherwise, it provides false direction and/or harms a brand’s reputation.

Whatever the research goals, it all starts with data collection. This is generally done in several ways — by interviewing and surveying subjects (primary research), by digging through published data sources (secondary research), and by observing activities and actions (empirical research). Some types of studies require the use of just one of these approaches while others may require multiple approaches in order to provide the basis for a realistic analysis.

Why choose KCA?

While we’re not a 100% dedicated research firm, our data collection and analysis are highly regarded.

That’s because we’re committed to independence and objectivity and to avoiding conflicts of interest when is comes to research agendas, analyses and opinions. We adhere to high ethical standards and conduct our research in a manner that’s fair, honest and lawful.

Our approach is to fit the field data collection methodology to the project, whether it’s using primary, secondary or empirical research to achieve the project’s objective. We conduct validation and “sanity checks” during the entire process, in case adjustments might need to be made to research hypotheses and/or methods.

Our research team has delivered a variety of contract independent research projects:

  • Market research sponsored by dozens of clients, including Microsoft
  • Industry research sponsored by several clients, including Hyperion Research (IDC’s high performance computing division)
  • Business process studies and recommendations

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