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With Powerful Influence

I ndustry analysts, associations, web community leaders, and other independent groups are important PR constituents. These influencers are arbiters of credibility, sources of market intelligence, and offer opportunities to debate thought-leadership topics.

This group sits at the top of the information food chain. As sources of market intelligence, they’re often purveyors of original, often syndicated market research and analysis for customers, vendors, investors and others—including your competitors. Influencers serve as information-central for many of your buyers and provide venues for networking and topic/idea cross-pollination.

Why choose KCA?

KCA introduces you to influencers whose interest in and coverage of your company will help you achieve your objectives. We understand how success with them multiplies your b2b marketing, web presence optimization, and sales efforts by increasing market acceptance of your products or services.

To that end, our goal is to help develop and to carefully manage and engage with influencers. And if needed, negotiate favorable and beneficial service subscriptions and memberships when it makes sense.

Our range of influencer engagement services includes:

  • Industry/Community Relations Strategies
  • Influencer and Organizations Lists
  • Informational Briefings
  • Briefing Presentations
  • Content Strategy and Creation (briefing presentations, white papers, co-sponsored research and content)
  • Services and Membership Negotiation (research notes, white papers, webinars, syndicated research, board/committee memberships, etc.)
  • “Test and Tune” Product Positioning
  • Influencer Updates and Product Pre-Release Briefings

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